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Policy applicable to infringing and inappropriate content

Scope - Definitions This policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") summarizes your rights and obligations with regard to the Offending Content and Inappropriate Content published on COQUES-TELEPHONE. For the purposes of this Policy, the following terms will have the definition given to them below: Content: any digital content, such as information, text, data, graphics, images, photos, videos, sound, music or any other content posted by Users on the Coques-telephone website. Inappropriate Content: any Content that does not comply with the Terms of Service, including infringing Content. Counterfeit Content: any Content that violates the Intellectual Property Rights or the personality rights of a third party (including Phone cases). Intellectual Property Rights: any intellectual property right protecting any Content published on the Coques-telephone Website, including copyright, as well as rights relating to trademarks, designs and models. For your information :

Copyright protects the expression of an original creation recorded in a tangible form, such as a work of art in the form of photographs or paintings, or literary works in the form of poems or stories.

Trademark law protects the use of words, symbols, designs or logos that identify and distinguish a source of goods or services.

Design law protects the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of a product.

Personality rights: the rights attached to a person and in particular protecting his name and his image. User: any user of the Coques-telephone website. For the purposes of this Policy, users are referred to by the pronoun "you". General Principles - Conditions of Use Coques-Telephone is a community founded on respect and recognition of artists. We ask you, or rather we ask you, to keep this idea in mind when posting Content on the Coques-telephone website. By ensuring that all of the Content you post consists of original creations that are unique to you and does not violate the Intellectual Property Rights or the personality rights of others, and does not constitute Inappropriate Content, you help promote the united and creative environment that characterizes Coques-telephone. Therefore, if a person or company creates or owns a right in an image, painting, photograph, logo, story, poem or any other work or is the holder of a copyright, a trademark right or personality right, whether it is an individual or a large international company, please seek our approval before using said work in connection with the Coques Website. telephone. This will help us to ensure that you do not violate the rights of any third party, and to promote a stimulating and inspired environment at Coques-telephone that is rich in meaning and aesthetic genius. Finally, you assume full responsibility for the Content you download and publish on Coques-telephone. Report Offending Content or other Inappropriate Content 3.1. In accordance with Law No. 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, Coques-telephone acts as a host for the Content downloaded and published on the Coques-telephone website. As such, Coques-telephone declines all responsibility in the event of illegal content published on the Coques-telephone website if: 1. Coques-telephone is not aware of said illegal content; or if

2. Having knowledge of said illegal Content, Coques-telephone promptly removes it from the Coques-telephone website. 3.2. In accordance with the General Conditions of Use: a) Any Inappropriate Content (excluding Interfering Content) can be reported to Coques-telephone by sending us an email. Coques-telephone reserves the right to remove any Content that it considers to be Inappropriate Content. However, please note that Coques-telephone is only subject to a legal obligation to remove clearly illegal Content; and b) You can report suspected Offending Content by sending an email to: contact@coques-telephone.com c) For some Content, Coques-telephone may not be able to clearly determine whether a reported Content is manifestly illegal or not. , in particular because Coques-telephone has no way of knowing the identity of the original author of the Content, nor the context in which said Content was created. Therefore, if you want to make sure that "Any suspected infringing or inappropriate content will be immediately removed from the Coques-telephone website, we advise you to include the following information in your notification: 1. The date of your notification;

2. If you are a natural person, your full name, profession, address, nationality, date and place of birth;

3. If you are a company, the form of the company, the name of your company, its business address and its legal representative;

4. The name and domicile of the person receiving the hosting services or, if it is a legal person, its name and registered office;

5. The description of the Content and its precise location on the Website (you must therefore specify the URL address);

6. The reasons for which the Content must be withdrawn, including the mention of the legal provisions and the justifications of facts;

7. A copy of the correspondence addressed to the User who published the disputed Content, requesting its interruption, withdrawal or modification, or justification that the User could not be contacted. In the absence of any of the above information in your notification, please note that we may not be able to remove the Notified Content from the Coques-telephone Website.